It can be overwhelming trying to pick the right colour for the splashback for your kitchen. 

Splashbacks in Cessnook can come in a variety of colours, and it really depends on your preference and what will look best for your space. 


Kitchen splashbacks are usually made with tiles, stainless steel, glass or pressed metal. 

Pressed metal or tiles are good for traditional looks. 

It is important to consider cleaning when you pick the material for your kitchen splashback. 

Larger tiles are easier to clean than the beautiful mosaic tiles. 


If you have chosen your benchtop material already, then that will narrow the choice of colours for your kitchen splashback. 

If you want your benchtop to be the centre of attention, then you can choose a more minimal or subtle splashback colour to keep from drawing attention away from your splashback.

If you would like a more consistent look, then you will want to pick out colours that are similar to your benchtop. If you want to make your kitchen look more interesting, then pick colours that are contrasting or complimentary. 

Fabulous Neutral Colours

Neutral colour schemes in kitchens are ever-popular, and this can apply to your kitchen splashback. 

Choosing neutral colours for your splashback can balance the tones of your kitchen without being too much. 

Neutral colours are elegant, timeless, and sophisticated. Some options in the neutral spectrum are duck egg blue, greys, muted greens, and creams. They are great options. 

Another darker neutral colour you can use is navy. 

Splash of Colour

Splashbacks that make a statement in colour are perfect for kitchens that take on a bright colour scheme or kitchens that want a splash of colour in a neutral kitchen. 

Using bright greens or blues, fall shades of yellow, orange, or red to your splashback can add personality to your kitchen. You can also match the colours of your splashback with other areas of your kitchen. 

Size of Kitchen

You need to keep in mind the size of your kitchen when choosing colours for your Cessnock splashback. 

If your kitchen is small then darker colours are not the best choice as they can absorb all of the light. 

Alternatively, too much white splashback in a larger-sized kitchen can have your kitchen looking clinical if you are using neutral colours in the rest of your kitchen. 

It is important to always keep in mind the size of your kitchen as this will help you with picking the right colour scheme. 

For More Information

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