Dear valued clients!

We are still operational and in production, producing everything we normally do!
We are taking every precaution to keep our staff and customers safe at this time and are no longer doing face to face business in our shop front office, we are preferring to email and take phone calls for orders and inquiries. (Mon-Thurs 8am to 4pm - Fri-7am-2:30pm)

Best number is 02 4990 4220
Pick ups and couriers to pick up goods will be dispatched from our factory bay doors, as this is not a confined space area.
Please call prior to coming to the shop front so we can have your goods waiting for you.
If you need anything in this time please do not hesitate to contact me (via email or phone) and we will endeavour to service all of our customers as soon as possible, please stay safe and well, we have our fingers crossed and disinfected that 2020 will soon be back to normal soon.

Glass Cessnock


Experts in Glass Replacement


For more than 30 years, Cessnock Glass has proudly provided the best residential and commercial glass products, as well as family friendly service to the Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Ports Stephens and Central Coast.

Our services include installing and repairing glass shower screens, splashbacks, balustrading, pool fencing, mirrors, perspex, aluminium windows and doors, security screens for residential and commercial projects.

The reliable team at Cessnock Glass specialises in custom-design, cut-to-size glass. Come on down to our showroom to see firsthand the products we offer, or call today to arrange a free measure and quote.

Windows & Doors

New windows and doors might not be needed very often, but if you have an old, draughty house or some damage, it feels wonderful to have the old replaced with the brand new.

Here at Cessnock Glass, we are the experts at all things glass and can help you figure out just what you need for your house. Still trying to decide?

Here are the best ways that new windows and doors can completely transform your home.

Temperature Control

Old doors and windows that are worn out can let in more outside air than you like. That means cold, draughty rooms in the wintertime and hot, uncomfortable rooms during the summer. Getting rid of the old windows and replacing them with new ones helps you better control the air temperature in your home by keeping the warm air in during the winter and the hot air out during the summer.

Better Security

We all want to live in a home that we know is safe and secure. New windows and doors can give you that feeling. New doors and windows operate as they should, which offers peace of mind if there’s an emergency and you need to get out quickly. New windows and doors often have enhanced safety features that protect your family from a break in.

Saves Money

After the initial cost of having your new doors and windows installed, you will experience some money savings because you’ll have more control over the energy usage. Old windows and doors let in too much outside air, causing you to spend more keeping the heat or air conditioning going. Sealing out the outside allows you to use less energy, thereby lowering your monthly heating and cooling costs.

It’s Quieter

Just like new windows and doors can seal out unwanted temperatures from outside, it can also block noise. They won’t be soundproof, but with a better seal and more modern features, you’ll notice that you aren’t hearing as many kids screaming, cars backfiring or the neighbours practising the drums.

Your Home Looks Great

You’d be amazed at how different your home with look with new windows and doors, both from the outside and the inside. There will be an immediate difference to the look and feel of your space that you’re going to love. Modern windows and doors can give the outside of your home a facelift and the inside a contemporary touch, even without making any other changes.

Call Cessnock Glass today to talk about the glass you need for your home.

We have decades of experience providing shower screens, mirrors, splashbacks, balustrading, pool fencing and more to the Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Port Stephens and Central Coast. See examples of our workmanship in our gallery.